Player Awards

TSL Most Valuable Player

2019: Tyreece Conway (SHC) [11 votes]

2018: Nick Harpas (SHC) [19 votes]

2017: Carlo Armiento (BLACKS) [21 votes]

2016: Stasi Savvoudis (IMC) [14 votes]

2015: Aladin Irabona (BLACKS) (19 votes)

2014: Matthew Dawber (14 votes)

2013: Carlo Librino (GLE) [12 votes]

2012: Jake Ellul (CBC) / Liam Mulvaney (BLACKS) [16 votes]



TSL Golden Boot

  Adam D'Agostino [CBC](19 goals):2019

Stefan Casalbore (PAC)(18 goals) :2018

Carlo Armiento (BLACKS)(15 goals) :2017

Stasi Savvoudis (IMC)(11 goals) :2016

Oliver Callahan (IMC)(16 goals) :2015

Anthony De Palma (PAC)(13 goals) :2014

Joseph De Girolamo (NMHS) [11 goals] ;2013

Chante Mayol (PAC) [9 goals] :2012








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